MALO is a photography and set design studio set up by Majda Vidakovic and Lorena van Bunningen in 2020. The two photographers met at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands. After six years of working separately as autonomous artists, they decided to join forces as still life photographers working for both commercial and non-commercial assignments.

Besides their passion for still life photography, they share a similar love for imperfect and unique objects - the 'wabi-sabi' aesthetic in daily life. What brings them together is their use of materials, both collected and made, as tools to create a fitting image; finding the balance between the raw and the newly made product. They are interested mainly in what the products are made of, and how they could portray and highlight the ingredients that the products are crafted from.  

MALO has a preference for collaborating with companies that work in an organic way, both how the product is made and what it’s made of. Previous clients include Mush Superfood or Lingua Planta. It’s in their interest to promote handcrafted products. They are open to all kinds of collaborations and look forward to hearing your stories!